What are Global Eyecons?

So what are these Eyecons? Basically they are an approachability status symbol.

 Displaying an Eyecon is stating your approachability status.

So the guess work is gone!

Get one for social media profile pics now! 

These distinctive EYECONS come in a range of colors, promoting a persons "Mojo", or signifying a persons position in the workplace, This now can be achieved all in a glance.!  Anywhere !  Anytime ! on a Global scale !

 GLOBAL EYECONs have No barriers to race, language, religious, cultural, age or even gender barriers... 

NOW with GLOBAL EYECON Pty Ltd's iconic trademark symbol ..


GLOBAL EYECONs promote cohesion & eliminate the guesswork! 

What if you could tell at a glance, weather people around you, staff, your partner, your family or maybe your employees are approachable or not? Now whether in the work place or on a cruise ship, a hens night or a office party, a festival or concert, or just doing your thing, you have a choice, get out there & meet new people or prevent be approached., anywhere Eg. in a club, at the gym, at work, etc, businesses directing customers to staff or motivating singles to mingle' Avoid disturbances and prevent be approached, Global Eyecon social interaction symbols are versatile for daily use, perfect for social media!  & it couldn't be easier.!


"Reflect your mojo"


1.  Choose the Eyecon below that matches the business purpose or mojo you want to reflect & then click in menu above to checkout all your Eyecon products.
2. pick, purchase, & it will be custom made & at your door or the person you gifted it to asap globally. The corona virus pandemic has altered things slightly but be patient, your eyecon selection is on its way.
3. Displaying your Eyecon is your choice, whenever & where ever you like. Your social media outlet is a great way to let people know a little extra about you without having to say it. Add an Eyecon shot to your profile.

 "Reflect your Mojo"

Black & WhiteWhat are Global Eyecons?    


NOT looking for any form of relationship.

A professional in their industry.

A representative of the establishment for advice, service or information.

Staff    "Yes, I work here"

Let customers know who can help the with Black or White Eyecons.

Neutral. No sexual orientation.


Red     What are Global Eyecons?


It is a signal, Its not offensive. & it's extremely noticeable.

Respect the most versatile and powerful Eyecon.

Uses are limitless, excellent in the work force.

Neutral. No sexual orientation.


RainbowWhat are Global Eyecons? 

APPROACHABLE, Out to have fun,
Happy to meet new people.
NOT looking for love or relationship.

The Rainbow Equality Eyecon is a sign of support for unity, blending the spectrum of gender diversity into one.

Neutral. No sexual orientation.

Green   What are Global Eyecons?


Happy to make new friends & meet new people, Looking for friendship

and maybe more..

Heterosexual = Prefers the company of the direct opposite of ones assigned gender.


 Blue      What are Global Eyecons?

Happy to make new friends and
meet like minded people.

Bisexual = prefers the company of the same gender as well as the direct opposite gender.

Yellow   What are Global Eyecons?

Happy to make new friends and
meet like minded people.

Homosexual = prefers the company of one's own assigned gender.


Purple  What are Global Eyecons?

Happy to make new friends and
meet like minded people.

Global Eyecon uses the word Transgender being an "umbrella" title,

ie: Gender expansive/Diversions

Global Eyecon includes/acknowledges these sub-group diversities under our purple Eyecon, including & not limited to ; Tran-sexual, Tran-feminine, Trans-masculine, Intersex, Pan-sexual, Gender queer, 3rd gender, Bi-gender, Demi-gender, Gender fluid, A-gender & Non binary.

Global Eyecons Purple Eyecon is to show support & raise awareness of the growing number of individuals across a broad spectrum of the worlds population that face challenges with their gender identity or their assigned gender form birth. There are many complex diverse sub groups that sit within the definition of transgender & if we are truly seeking equality for co-existence in our societies, then these groups which are now rising percentages of our population should be not only be fully accepted but fully catered for in our daily social system. Evidently more governments around the world are now moving toward & acknowledging/adopting policies with third gender options. 

If Transgender or the sub-groups associated as mentioned above are new to you, or your not clear in the definition, please educate yourself & those around you.

go visit https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Non-binary_gender

 Now you're ready.


 Displaying your Eyecon.. Discreetly or Boldly is your choice & there are many ways to do this using our distinctive stickers & temporary tattoos....or look great with the eye of your choice printed on our range of quality clothing. Have a browse and see what product suits your style.

Take a moment & think...

Could your staff or work place utilize our Black or White Eyecon.. or possibly a red to isolate a worker? Black/White eyecon is defined as, Neutral, Information, Professional, Service, Staff.

Grab a gift for a for a friend.. Plan ahead & get Tattoo's for your next Hens night out or Party or business event & simply add to your cart but if you dont see the combo you need, please email us & we will do our best to upload that combo for & all other eyeconic legends that visit our store.

"It starts with you & your Eyecon"

 Changing the ambiance of the world we live in.

Its GLOBAL EYECONs vision to get people talking again, face to face, social skills that are not in practice in a chat room, Global Eyecon would like to let those that are in search or feeling alone ...Know That their not alone at all, there are millions of beautiful people open to help with information or just a conversation, & they are walking past you every day!  If someone is displaying  an approachable EYECON of any color (other than red) their stating they're approachable & they know their wearing it.. therefore they will be expecting rather than shocked in their response to being approached,

Take heed to the RED EYECON. 


This POWERFUL EYECON signifies "Do Not Disturb" & can be used in many different situations. Not only is it excellent in the work place as an indicator letting staff work undisturbed, Eg. A cleaner mopping a deck on a cruise ship, or an information desk that is temporarily closed could display a Red Eyecon its versatility is endless in our social system.  Eg. placed on the back of your phone cover where It can be used as an indicator to waiter at a restaurants, to sales people, used in a night club as a shoot down or flashed as a deterrent to potential disturbers, worn boldly on apparel so everyone knows your working or off limits OR  just want to be left alone, I know plenty of dads that would be happy to have their daughters & probably their wives wearing the Red Eyecon!  OR eg. Temporary tattoos displayed on a group of married women on a hens night in the city.

The RED EYECON is very useful & Informative 


Not only would we like to see the people of our world socially interacting without anxiety or fear of rejection,

We want the people to look great doing it!

The Symbol that breaks the ice as soon as you see it.

 GLOBAL EYECON will supply quality apparel with a "steyelish look" you'll find Eyecon eyes positioned perfectly to be Loud and Proud or as subtle as a whisper, letting you express your mojo anytime.

  Our stock range is limited at the moment but we are gathering feedback so we can supply what you the customer wants, such as Mens quality dress shirts, Ties, etc.

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