Rainbow Eyecon Sweetie pie dress



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 Rainbow Equality Eyecon sweetie pie derss

  • SMILE and people smile back sometimes it's all we need, Light up your day and bring a smile to peoples faces around you in this cute as multi purpose dress, Sleeveless and cool the soft fabric and  together with the Neutral Rainbow Eyecon of equality expressed with a smile..... your sure to look great, feel cool & impress with a smile. its light happy colours bring that smile on, Great for the beach or the friends bbq... 
    * Rainbow Eyecon = Supports equality among all sexes, Approachable, Neutral, Happy to meet new people,
    NOT looking for a relationship.
  • Each dress is constructed from a premium polyester spandex blend that is ultra-soft and incredibly comfortable perfect for the beach or a summer afternoon.
  • So versatile you’ll never want to take it off – wear it during the day to a picnic or a night out with heels.
  • Features a specialty high definition heat-dye application that ensures long lasting color vibrancy even after machine washing.
  • Did someone say beach time?

Please allow 7-9 days to receive a tracking number while your order is hand-crafted, packaged and shipped from our facility. Estimated shipping time is 2-4 weeks but hey good things take time and you will have the Eyecon that reflects your mojo before you know it. Thanks for your patients.