Purple Eyecon Sticker 10pk



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Get out there in a subtle way. Coming out can be tough, but once you have, you feel the strength & confidence like never before, show your support for others transitioning, Be proud of who you are & "bounce on this ride" Reflect your mojo! These stickers are of premium poly vinyl material with excellent adhesive, designed to last when applied correctly. Each premium sticker pack comes with instructions and recommendations. 

Included in this pack;

5 x Crystal clear  purple Eyecon tattoo style stickers.

5 x White backing purple Eyecon tattoo style stickers. 

These stickers are ideal for your favourite coffee cup or glass, Your drink bottle for the gym, Your mobile phone, car, moto, skate or surf board,bumper bar, back window or bike helmet etc.

The subtle way to build your confidence & reflect your mojo & an excellent gift idea & free shipping! 


If your planning a work function, private party or hosting from your venue, your club, pub, nightclub, rave, concert, whatever the cause, spark it up a bit & include Eyecons or host your own Eyecon night with a lucky door prize of one of our 'eyeconic" products.

Global Eyecon will cater for the estimated amount you require of each eyecon and send you a custom package deal at a discounted rate. (Best buy).

Contact us here https://globaleyecon.com.au/pages/contact-us