"Reflect your Mojo" PROMO DANCE TRACK mp3

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REFLECT YOUR MOJO GLOBAL EYECON is Standing up for Equality for all genders. It's one thing to believe and recognize equality but it needs to be out there in practice and be part of our social thread, Global Eyecon is for everyone.. From your local NIGHT CLUB / PUBLICAN owner or FESTIVAL / CONCERT Organizer or WORK party, birthday, HENS/BUCKS nights etc.. & You can start with throwing your own Global Eyecon Party! Hit the website, Load up on stickers or tattoos with maybe a lucky door prize Hoodie or towel? Have that EYECONIC party & get evey one Talking, mingling, meeting new people, out of their seats and Dancing with this thumping promo track by "Stampeeder"


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Digitally mastered to sound great on any and all your devices from your phone to a concert level & worth adding to your dance playlist.

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