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 Black/White Eyecon = Service, Approachable, Information, Staff/Professional, Neutral,  Service, Approachable, Not looking for any form of relationship. 

In Australia & commonly the sign for information is a blue lower case letter "i" in a circle.. & it's usually associated with the word Tourist.. & let's face it, you never see one when you need it..

Everybody requires information, from basic directions to the most complex of information,Eyecons stimulate the question letting those with professional information, show people they have the answers or are there to provide that service. Making your staff or business stand clear with a Black/White Eyecon, states their Professionalism and status to be approached,.. plus they look great!

The Black/White Eyecon is designed to be a clear Attractive signal of "Professionalism" in the associated trade or business its displayed with. Designed to be a signal of place/person of "Information", "Service", "Staff"